We remember someone we love in the light we wish to remember them. When they’re out of sight, we can close our eyes and imagine their face, reach for their fingertips, and trace the constellations of a shoulder's freckles. In this way, we always have them with us and their reality is traced in memory.

But before our reality becomes a memory– before our loved one leaves the room or turns the corner— would you pause to count those freckles? would you take the time to absorb that person’s every detail? would you embrace the reality beside you to strengthen the memories you will one day reach for, eyes closed tight?

I developed this series of photographs to pause and praise the hyper-reality of a loved one’s presence… what became of this intimate reality? Photographs so real they are surreal. I made these photographs so that today, and any day, I can recall and relive the stunning intricacies hidden beneath the burgeoning haze tied to memory.

I began this project in 2014 to develop an understanding for the complexities of the human physique I’ve learned I often overlook. *She is* explores the intimacy of the portrait. This is a personal series that documented my grandmother on 4x5 film in 1:1 ratios. Because of this project, I can now see and celebrate the twists of her tendrils and the tributaries reaching for her toes. I have more than my memories of her.

This is the reality I rejoice.

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